The Goods Yard site

44-52 White Hart Lane

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has submitted plans for a high quality development of much-needed new homes, including affordable, along with new office and retail spaces and a fantastic public square.

Aerial photo of the site.

These proposals would transform this well-connected site to create 330 new homes alongside new retail, office space and an attractive new public space fronting White Hart Lane.

Subject to the availability of housing grant, we are also proposing 40% affordable housing and will be working closely with a housing provider to deliver these, having already successfully developed 222 affordable homes at Brook House and 34 affordable homes at Berland Court.

The Goods Yard site has been identified by Haringey Council as part of the High Road West regeneration area within the newly adopted Tottenham Area Action Plan and the Club’s plans would accelerate development, adjacent to our £750m investment into Tottenham at the stadium site.

If you were unable to attend our exhibition events you can still view the boards displayed here:

The Goods Yard site is located opposite White Hart Lane station, to the west of Tottenham High Road. It therefore benefits from fantastic road, bus and rail connections.

The site consists of a largely vacant plot of land, temporarily used for gravel and material storage resulting from the construction of the new stadium. 

The south of the site contains the Carbery Enterprise Park and along White Hart Lane itself is the locally listed Station Master’s House which would be fully refurbished and incorporated into our plans.

The railway lines run along the western border of the site, with the Peacock Industrial Estate to the east. To the north are the B&M Homes Store and the completed Brook House development.

The entire site sits within the LB Haringey North Tottenham Growth Area and High Road West Site Allocation and so is already identified for major regeneration that will bring significant change to the area over the next few years.

Our proposals will deliver:

• Up to 330 new homes – including 40% affordable housing subject to housing grant availability.

• An appropriate mix of housing to respond to local demand – including around 20% family homes.

• The opportunity to provide new homes for those who will need to move as part of the Council’s regeneration plans – so that these residents can live right next to their current home.

• A beautiful new public space called ‘Station Master’s Square’ – creating a welcoming meeting point for residents and visitors to this part of Tottenham.

• The provision of around 1,000 square metres of employment, retail and leisure space at ground floor – suitable for interested local businesses of various sizes.

• Buildings ranging in height from 2 to 8 storeys with two taller buildings of 18 and 21 storeys adjacent the railway line and to the south of the taller Brook House building – consistent with the Masterplan Framework for the High Road West area.

• The sensitive refurbishment of the locally listed Station Master’s House – carefully respecting the building’s heritage and bringing it into public use.

• New shops and cafés at ground floor – boosting the local economy and providing much-needed amenities for residents.

• Beautifully landscaped garden and courtyard spaces for residents – hidden away from the busy White Hart Lane.

• Over 500 cycle bays – including cycle parking spaces for every home, to encourage cycling and promote the use of public transport.

• A sustainable design – through the careful use of natural light, efficient building materials and green spaces to create a healthy and desirable residential neighbourhood.

Thank you for visiting our consultation website, which we hope you found informative. A public exhibition took place on 3, 4 and 6 November at the Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre. 

We have now submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Haringey. If you would like to get in touch with us you can:

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